VERSATYL is a Premier Indian Brand known for Unique and Innovative Multi Utility Jackets. It was launched on November 2016 with our first design being World's 1st Multi Utility Travel Jacket with 18 pockets & 29 Features. The second launched in the month of April which isWorld's 1st 100% Waterproof Bomber Jacket with 20 Pockets & 32 Features. The 3rd and recent being the World Record Award Winning Jacket "FEATHER" - World's Lightest Multi Utility Jacket which weighs just 179 grams. All are Jackets were initially Crowd Funded on India's premier Crowd Funding platform FuelAdream.

All our campaigns were a massive success with more than 5000 Jackets being Pre-Ordered, raising more than 7 million INR in just 7 months. Now the Jackets are being sold online worldwide and so far we have received good recognition from the leading newspapers, magazines and blogs worldwide, like The Times business, The Hindu, The New India Express, CNBC (Video), Daily Hunt, Entrepreneur magazine, Magazine, Ritz Magazine, Asianet newables, India Gazette, IndiaFashionBlogger and many more.