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VERSATYL is Owned by Emirate Fashions Pvt Ltd, A Leading Apparel Manufacturing company based out of Bengaluru. It has a long history in clothing manufacturing and has been making garments for a few of the reputed brands in India. The VERSATYL is the result of massive demand that we've seen from observing travelers, bikers, cyclists & the outdoor person. Rather than come up with another Jacket, we decided to give "people on the move" a piece of clothing that gave them the freedom to carry all their essentials around on their person!
The care and cleaning maintenance of the jacket are fairly basic. It can be washed on any machine wash setting. Since its water resistant most things will swipe right off the jacket as well! Do not IRON it though.
We strongly recommend the customers to go through our size chart before selecting the size. Jackets are usually worn on one or two layers of clothing. In addition the VERSATYL can pack quite a lot of travel stuff making it bulk up a bit. The last thing you want is a super tight fit. Ordering a size bigger is what we would recommend. The final call is yours.

We do not have a return policy. Since this is an Innovative product and doing this at a breakthrough price we cannot afford a return policy. Our advice on size is to ideally pick a size that is slightly bigger than what you would usually buy. That is cause when you stuff the Jacket with a number of items you will need some extra space to have a perfect fit. But yes, we will give the replacement if customer gets a damaged piece.

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