World's 1st Sleeveless Jacket with RFID Protection

What is RFID?

Fabric walls are designed to stop RFID (Radio Frequency Identifiable Information) and provides you security against electronic pick-pocketing called RFID Skimming, That happens because now a days credit cards, passports etc. comes with Embedded Radio Frequency Chipset that can verify your identity or do purchase without swiping your card, The Jacket keeps you secured against such un-authorized use of RFID reader to fetch your vital information.

Nylon PU Coated & Completely Waterproof

The outer fabric used in the SWITCH is called Nylon PU Coated. The Fabric is waterproof with a PU coating at the back of the fabric. The front side structure of the jacket has been specifically designed to make it look classy. It's one of the most expensive fabrics and mainly used by the reputed International brands.

Inner Fabric & Leather Patch Design

The Inner fabric is PNP Peach. It is a non-waterproof but windproof fabric. It has a very light coating at the back which makes it windproof and keeps the body warm. A Polyurethane leather fabric is used on the Outer chest part of the jacket to give the jacket a very rich & luxurious look.

Multipurpose with 11 Pockets & 14 Features

Be it on an aircraft or a boat, on a bike, trekking in the countryside or for everyday use, the Versatyl is what you want.

Stylish & Luxurious

Trendy & Functional

Verstayl Men's Sleeveless Reversible Jacket

Price: Rs.2999 Rs.1795

Quick Overview : The Creators Of The Versatyl Jackets Are Back With Yet Another Revolutionary Jacket As Unique As Its Predecessors. Saneen Javali The Brain Behind The Very Successful Versatyl Travel Jacket And The Award Winning World'S Lightest Jacket Feather Breaks Another Record By Launching The Unique Innovative And Amazing Sleeveless Jacket With Hidden Pockets & Rfid Protection. This Sleeveless Jacket comes with 11 Hidden pockets & 18 features. Can carry loads of stuff from a IPAD to a magazine, to a book , from your mobile phone to a power bank, from your wallet to your passport etc and It comes with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Blocking Pockets - specially engineered pockets that blocks frequencies to keep your credit card, debit card and passport information secure from high-tech skimmers and thieves.. What more do you need in a Jacket?

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Nylon PU Coated
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